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Mikrotik RouterBoard RBcAP2nD indoor wireless access point AP - New!

Mikrotik RouterBoard RBcAP2nD indoor wireless access point AP - New!
RBcAP2n full view RBcAP2n side view with LEDs
cAP2nD RBcAP2nD cAP-2nD is Mikrotik's new quick and easy indoor wireless access point!

RouterBOARD cAP-2nD is Mikrotik's first 2.4GHz ceiling AP. Inconspicuously designed, it blends into the environment, perfect for hospitality business like hotels, airports, shopping malls etc.

cAP-2nD supports 802.11b/g/n and can be powered by PoE. Its a perfect companion for the MikroTik CAPsMAN (controlled AP system manager), allowing you to control all your AP devices from one central location.

Unlike traditional controller software, which requires a separate PC/Mac to run, our CAPsMAN runs on any existing RouterBOARD device in your network. No need for a separate controller machine.

Everything is included to get you started, wall/ceiling mount, PoE injector, power adapter and even the screws and screw anchors

Weight 1.70 lbs
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