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Roc-Box Core - a high performance router with 3.2GHz Intel Pentium Dual-Core CPU, 2.0GB RAM, 7 Gig ethernet ports, 1U router with Mikrotik RouterOS DVE 12vdc 12 watt (1 amp) desktop style switching power supply with 2.1mm DC plug - Model DSA-20D-12 1 120120 Mikrotik RouterBOARD POE-CON-HP RBPOE-CON-HP 48vdc to 24vdc 10/100 PoE High Power convertor / adapter
SKU: Roc-Box-Core
SKU: DSA-20D-12 1 120120
Market price: $1499.00
Market price: $25.00
Market price: $29.95
Roc-Box-D525-SFP is a high performance 10 port 1U router with 1.8GHz Intel Atom Dual-Core CPU, 2.0GB RAM, 2 SFP fiber ports, 8 Gig ethernet ports, and Mikrotik RouterOS
SKU: Roc-Box-D525-SFP
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